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Where can i find Beauty/Makeup tips tricks or secrets ?

Where can i find beauty/makeup tips tricks i need to know some really good websites please ot beauty tutorials/ makeup tutorials!!!! Please help.Where can i find Beauty/Makeup tips tricks or secrets ?
well, if you go subscribe to magazines they always have great tips, [more of the fashion magazines]. but go to youtube and type in like certain things you need help on like eyebrows, hairstyles, lips, ect. try some of it helps but if you hate reading [ i don't recommend it]. but would be the best place to go for beauty. help me alot. :)Where can i find Beauty/Makeup tips tricks or secrets ?
Here's a video that has 20 Beauty tips and secrets:…

Here's a good tutorial for back 2 school:…

Check out this girl's whole channel. It's mostly all beauty tutorials besides a few funny videos!
You can find great tutorials on youtube, here are a few of my favorite channels:

For reviews and swatches, you can go to
Seventeen magazine! any kind of girl magazines!

i just bought the august seventeen magazine they have a BUNCH! of makeup tips

and 1,081 ways to look amazing!

hope i helped =]
my beauty/makeup tips video on YouTube...…

or just :)))

please subscribe!
google ';beauty tips'; or ';make-up tips';

also, wikihow has some great stuff
Go to youtube and look up Xsparkage, MichellePhan, and AllThatGlitters21. Then from there you'll be able to find great tutorials :)
-youtube has a lot of make up gurus that do video tutorials

-specktra is also a good site its all about makeup
I go to youtube. Try looking up AllThatGlitters21 and her sister Juicystar07. Also makeupblogger, sarahbelle93 and peacelovepink04
youtube has some great gurus and amateurs with tricks, tips and deals regarding all things beauty!
Try Youtube there are loads of make up artists on there. Panacea81 is my favourite.
covergirl .com
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  • Does anyone have any beauty tips or make up tips for a dark brown haired, hazel eyed girl with light skin?

    any tips as i want my skin to look glowing as i am 12 weeks pregnant and feeling rough lol as its a womens worst nightmare im puttin o tonnes of weight lol .... or natural tips no heavy eyeliners just bronze look i suppose with out the noticeable orange line any tips are great thanks ....xDoes anyone have any beauty tips or make up tips for a dark brown haired, hazel eyed girl with light skin?
    i have hazel eyes with pale skin and dark brown hair.

    I use a dark brown eyeliner on the top lis only, with a gold and pink eyeshadow. I put the pink eye shadow all over my eye lid, and up by my eye brow, then the gold on the crease and on my lower lid underneath my eye, with covergirl mascara for hazel eyes, it has gold tint in the mascara. it makes your eyes pop and its not alot of make up. Oh and bronzer is a must I use it everyday, get the browner bronzer, not the orange, for obvious reasons lol.

    - good luck with your baby!!! hope i was of some help =]Does anyone have any beauty tips or make up tips for a dark brown haired, hazel eyed girl with light skin?
    hey this time around the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes and therefore some glow and some get pigmented...but wait for the baby to be born and you will see the natural glow in can use natural makeup now...the organic stuff...earthy colors look good with the brown tones.For more details check this site....
    Get your self a nice moisturizer...and a highlighter! You will look so refreshed and glowy! Also I have the same hair, eyes, and complexion that you described and I noticed that purples look great with my eyes....just a light wash of color will be just enough to make you eye color POP!
    ha ha sounds like me

    Im light skinned, hazel eyes and dark brown hair

    Go out in the sun,

    nothing works better than a glowing tan

    make up is fine, but start with a nice tan from the sun

    that will always make you feel better

    good luck with your baby !

    Websites for women with beauty tips and recipes?

    Im looking for like an online magazine of sorts thanks!Websites for women with beauty tips and recipes?
    Why don't you just do a google search with the words ';recipes'; and ';beauty tips'..I guarantee you'll get thousands of hits AND have fun browsing all of them yourself. For recipes, you can try, for beauty tips try magazines like, etc.Websites for women with beauty tips and recipes?

    What are the best beauty tips/secrets you know?

    Always cleanse %26amp; moisturise day and night. It doesnt have to be expensive brands (for instance I have been using St Ives cleanser %26amp; exfoliator for years and Johnsons 24 hour moisturiser %26amp; my skin is always glowing! )

    Exfoliate your skin twice a week %26amp; use a deep conditioner on your hair once a week.

    Less is nore in regards to makeup. The top foundation makeup artists use is Mac Face and Body, as it is very natural but makes your skin look amazing. This is a good investment as no-one in their right mind wants an orange face!

    Also drink plenty water and get enough sleep.

    For spots, use a tiny bit of tea tree oil on the spot morning and night until it is dried up, and do not touch it apart from then.

    Hope this was helpful! I buy and use A LOT of beauty products and my mum gives me lots of advice on tricks of the trade.What are the best beauty tips/secrets you know?
    You need to be fall in love and feel happy, anything else won't make such wonderful effect to you skin and body!

    Your skin will be smooth and velvety... your hair will be sleek... your eyes will twinkle... you will always smile and laugh (and as you know laugh prolongs your life), you'll have good appetite , but not too much and you'll have normal weight... you'll have good and sound sleep and won't have shadows under your eyes and won't look tired... etc....What are the best beauty tips/secrets you know?
    Before sleeping, rub butter on the lips as this will make the lips seem fuller and more pink.
    drinking tons of water

    What are your best beauty tips of all time?

    when using mascara, i take it to the roots of my eyelashes and move it sideways back and forth. this eliminates the use of a top eyelinerWhat are your best beauty tips of all time?
    A honey facial once a week.

    Using warmed organic honey and your fingers or a brush, massage this sticky exfoliating goo onto your face. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

    It helps to tone the skin like witch hazel, it helps to clean the pores and it treats and prevents acne.

    Been using it for years and haven't had a single blemish since.What are your best beauty tips of all time?
    1. Don't smudge eyeliner

    2. Use lip gloss, not lipstick

    3. Blackhead scrub by Clean and clear

    4. Play soft, quiet music while putting makeup on (I don't know why but for some ppl it works. weird much, huh?)

    5. Exotic color eyeshadow is okay but not all over the place

    answer mine?;鈥?/a>
    Less is more.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    It's sexy to have confidence.

    Always use a foundation brush as opposed to your fingers!! It looks so much better and doesnt go everywhere,

    also to always wash brushes weekly.
    rinse ur hair in cold water to make it sooper soft!

    and honey and milk mixed together get rid of pimples

    ans icant remember anymore but i have lots lol
    Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, exercise and get plenty of rest.
    Less is more, (which does not mean no make up), just make it look natural

    What are some beauty tips that can help me to put on make up?

    hey guys its kara and i need a little help. i put on make up every morning before i go to school. i feel like im not putting it on right and some people tell me to wipe it off. i know how to use it its just its not esay for me! does anyone have any tips they can give me to make my make up noticible and clean but at the same time make it look like im not to girly and have to much on???What are some beauty tips that can help me to put on make up?
    To keep it clean and simple:

    *use a tinted moisturiser as close to your skin tone as possible so it will look really fresh and as if you're wearing nothing to cover your skin.

    *mascara in brown/black.

    *a little bit of blusher (blusher isn't made so you can see that you're wearing it, it's made to give you a healthy glow).

    *lipgloss in any colour you like but not too strong.

    I think that's enough to wear in school, it's quick to put on in the morning and you can keep the special make-up for weekends or after school.

    Good luck ,'-)

    *if you want to make it a bit more noticeable you could also wear a slightly shimmering light/medium brown eyeshadow just to cover your eyelids but don't put it above the crease.What are some beauty tips that can help me to put on make up?
    I would get Bare Minerals powder foundation. I use it, and I have freckles, plus very light, pale skin. I use Bare Minerals, it covers so good! I don't need to blend it in to my neck or anything, because it covers, plus it blends in itself! It really does work, and I get it from Sephora. I have a hard time with liquid makeup because I can never get it to blend in, or get the right color for my skin tone. Then, just add a little blush, lip gloss, and eye makeup if you would like, and that's it!
    Well, first of all, you need to pick the right eyeliner. I am a brown person. So brown or black? Then you need to get the ones w/ da smuger on the one side and smuge it along the small area around where u would put ur eyeliner on. It gives it a softer not as BOLD feel. And get a clump free mascara. And depending on ur eye color is the color eye shadow. ALWAYS apply the darker side closer to ur eyelashes ( not ON them) and if u do a lighter shade do A way lighter. I don't reccomend it tho. Blush... ehh. Not really needed. As for lip liner, do a softer shade. A shade that is close to your lip color ( or the gloss/lipstick ur putting on). DO NOT over do ur make up. Make sure it's a soft thing. If u do like a RED or a WHITE eye shadow... u'll look like a clown. And trust me, I don't want u to look like that. Good Luck and that's all u need to kno.

    heres a website that will tell you everything you need to know!
    What kind of eyeliner do you wear? If it's black, try changing to navy blue, and do it ';the french'; way. Which means put it on the little sliver of skin in between your lower eyelashes, and your actual eye. Use very light colored foundation that still matches your skin ( Liquid, then powder) and use a brush, not the little fluffy pad thing that comes in the case of powder. eye shadows like light brown, pastels like light pink, and VERY light green, and maybe nude colored will be noticeable, but not too the point where people are telling you to take it off. Light pinkish lipstick and some clear lipgloss will add some shimmer, but again, NOT TOO blush! blush makes you look fake, try rouging your cheeks, it's an old technique used in the 1800's and early 1900's for a quick natural pinkish look on your cheeks. what you do is pinch your cheeks and kind of rub them. Look it up. 1 coat of mascara should be just fine, and if you have a lash curler, 5-8 seconds of curling should defiantly be enough. I normally just puton eyeliner, lipgloss, and mascara for school, but for a night on the town, you can go as far as you want to or you can still look pretty with everything on.
    a beutician thot me how to apply make uo properly.... Moisterizer 15mins befor....

    then rite before agen and dab exess off with tissue

    then get a good foundation

    that matches your skin tone and texture.

    dab it onto your hand

    and apply it in circuler motions with your fingers or a sponge untill its even everywher...

    if you think its ok leav it

    if not dab exess with tissue

    then add concealer anywher you have a spot or summin with your third finger...its got the softest skin.

    For skool im guessing you wont want dramatic lips or eyes so use eyelash curlers

    and some watherproof mascara,

    if you feel naked without eyeliner use a very lite shade, use a pencil in grey if you have pale skin

    or brown if your dark skined....

    i heard a white eye pencil makes your eyes look bigger too, but i never tried it.

    if you want add a litter shimmer to your eyelids

    i dont think you shud use any heavy eyeshadows...just things like nudes browns or golds

    then add a clear or nude pretty lip gloss, you shud look clean nd pwitty

    if your goin out and you want a dramatic look...

    go dramatic with either EITHER the eyes or lips!


    but im sure you already knew that :)

    hope this helps.... i love applying make up and trying new things... sorry bout the long answer lol...

    I am 18 and I want to know some beauty tips which can used on a daily basis.?

    Any advice will be most welcome....

    Thank you!I am 18 and I want to know some beauty tips which can used on a daily basis.?
    well i wud suggest you to apply *lacto-calamine* everyday! day and nite! that means 2 times a day......

    applyin it u will reduce pimples if u have them!

    u will get rid ov dead cells and all that! and the most imp thing

    it has no side effects and stuff ur comlexion will glow within time! can assure u =) thatx d best u can do with ur skin otherz dont work n hav so much ov side effects!

    so its all on yew!I am 18 and I want to know some beauty tips which can used on a daily basis.?
    I have been using clinique for about 6 years now. Most makeup causes damage to your skin wheither it's acne or dry skin. Try not to use so many different face washes or to many different kinds of powders. Keep it natural on a daily basis and when you go out you can where as much as you want. where to much m,akeup each day and u wont look as special as when you go out.
    um, i can give you random stuff.

    I suggest keeping 2 kinds of face powder. When you start getting breakouts for no reason, switch to your second one. If the breakout goes away, repeat the process,

    frequently flip your pillow around (esp if you sleep with a side of your face touching your pillow) to your facial oils dont ';pool'; and cause breakouts.

    Wash your face twice a day. When you first wake up, aand right before bed. holding you face over steam opens your pores so doing this or using warm water while washing your face should help clean out our pores.

    Buy mult. shampoos. about every 2 weeks switch between them so you wont have buildup in your hair.

    I suggest against using conditioner everyday as well. everyother day works better. your hair wont get or seem as oily that way.

    well too much make-up can damage ur skin. i would suggest a simple kaajal (indian eye-liner) on your eyes everyday-(black),, face cream just so your face is moisturised for the day. and finally a last touch with a bit of pale pink lipgloss or any colour of ur choice. this is pretty simple for ur daily basis.

    hope i've helped friend!

    try this site, you can read an articles of beauty tips daily
    Try Clearasil Daily Use Range. Very effective to combat pimples, which is a big problem in teens, and also good for daily skin care needs
    That question is really general. I guess it's hard to put it all in one answer. I would suggest going through youtube videos as always.
    Never use Soap on face ,use gel, 7 ther is face masque for facial use 2 times a week..for more details cont..9999631811, Delhi
    umm you want to use a moisturiser! and primer or a tinted moisturiser.

    an easy look would be some blush light sparkle shadow and eyeliner and mascara. don't forget blush and lip gloss =)
    my idea is to do yoga early mornin....u shod not b lazy.......nd u keep ur body and mind olwayz fresh ....nd do not be in tense for any reason.........after ol dees ur beautiful.....congrajulations.......ha?
    simply stay confident

    dats all
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